Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Renovate Dance different from other studios?

Renovate Dance started as a small dance ministry over a decade ago and has grown to a full-scale Christian dance studio that is open to all people…truly we want to have a place for every single student regardless of religious background or ability.  We strive to see each child as the amazing and unique creation God created them to be. It is a privilege for us to help each student grow to his or her fullest potential, not only as a dancer, but also as an exceptional and extraordinary human being. While we offer a loving and inclusive environment, we are also extremely passionate about using dance as a foundation to learn skills and traits that will lead to success later in life. The slow progression of learning proper technique and improving as a dancer does not provide instant gratification, rather it helps children learn how to set and achieve goals and how deal with disappointment. Dance, ballet especially, teaches commitment, perseverance, determination and responsibility. We teach our students to build each other up and care for one another. We are passionate about offering dance as a way to honor and glorify God, you will find the decisions regarding song choice, dance attire, costuming and choreography are a reflection of our values.  

At Renovate, we limit our class sizes. It is a priority for us to give our students the focus and attention they deserve.

The director/assistant director personally teach all of the registered classes. Renovate does not employ a lengthy roster of teachers, we are personally invested in the progress and well-being of our students and families.

What is the Renovate Dance mission and vision?

MISSION STATEMENT: A Christian dance studio that strives for excellence in technique while providing meaningful connections with students and God-honoring costuming, song selection, and choreography

VISION STATEMENT: Help students grow to their fullest potential, not only as a dancer, but also as an exceptional and extraordinary human being  

How do your tuition/fees compare with other area studios?

We intentionally keep our pricing lower than area studios as a reflection of our Christian values and because we are passionate about offering affordable, quality dance instruction in a Christ-centered environment. We do not charge enrollment fees. The table below provides a comparison of our tuition (Pre-Registration pricing) with area studios. Each spring we host a year-end staged performance at Pike Performing Arts Center. All dancers have the option of participating in our recital, called Presentation Day. Classical Ballet I-IV students also have the option of participating in Madeline, an original full-length children’s ballet based on the beloved children’s book Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans. Fees to participate are only $30 and include costumes and a free DVD of your child's performance. The director and assistant director personally teach all of our registered classes.

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How do I register for dance classes at Renovate Dance?

Fall Semester (14 classes Aug-Dec) - We host two Pre-Registration Open Houses in July for current and new families. Students receive a substantial discount on their tuition if they pre-register at one of our Pre-Registration Open Houses. After our Pre-Registration Open Houses, Online Registration is the only way to register for classes. Please click here for Pre-Registration and Online registration details.

Spring Semester (14 classes Jan-April) - During the first week in November, we accept check payment to "save your spot" from our current families during their normal class. If there are remaining spots, we will host a Pre-Registration Open House mid-November for new families and current families who wish to pay with credit card or check. Tuition is discounted for "save your spot" registration and at our Pre-Registration Open House. After our Pre-Registration Open House, Online Registration will be the only way to register for our spring semester.

Summer Workshop (June) - We will not host a 2018 summer workshop as we are planning to move our studio to a new space for our fall 2018 semester. 

How do I determine the correct class placement when registering?

Children ages 3-7 yrs are grouped by age. Children must meet the age minimum by September 1 for class placement for the August-April school year. Children must also be fully potty-trained.

Children ages 8 yrs and older are grouped based on completion of progressional levels rather than by age.

Classical Ballet - students ages 8+ yrs start in Primary I, then advance at the completion of the school year to Primary II and so on. At the discretion of the instructor, a dancer may be promoted mid-year if a student exhibits mastery of steps and technique at the current level and is ready for the next level.

Combo Classes - students ages 8+ who wish to take other styles of dance will start in Combo I. Combo classes offer a foundation in several styles of dance including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, etc.

If you are unsure which class would be the best fit for your child, your teen or yourself, please contact us so we can learn more about you/your child to make recommendations based on your hopes and goals.

What if my preferred class is full?

If your preferred class is full, you may ask to be added to the wait list for that class. If there is another class in your child's section (or lower) that has availability, we would encourage you to register for that class if the less preferred time will work for you. If an opening becomes available in your preferred class, we will notify you to ask if you would like to be switched to your preferred time. Please email to asked to be put on a waitlist.

Will my child have an opportunity to perform?

Yes! At Renovate Dance, we believe performing opportunities are a way for our dancers to bless and give the gift of dance to others. Each student will have the option to perform at various performances and outreach opportunities throughout the year. In December, we invite all students to perform a short dance piece they have been working on in class at a nearby nursing home. Our dancers are always excited to be a part of this special day where we give to those who may not otherwise be able to get out and enjoy Christmas festivities. In April, we host a year-end staged performance called Presentation Day where students showcase dances they have learned during the second half of the year (participation is optional and only costs $30 including costume rental). We added a 35-minute full-length children's ballet based on the book "Madeline" to the 2018 Presentation Day performance. On a smaller scale, we also perform at churches and community events as opportunities and requests arise. 

Is there a dress code for classes? 

Each class has a simple dress code to encourage continuity and discipline among its students. Traditional dance attire allows teachers see the dancer's form which allows corrections for proper body placement to prevent injuries and improve dance technique. For our ballet classes, students wear a black leotard, light pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers. For combination classes (Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, tap), dancers wear a black leotard, fitted black leggings and appropriate footwear for corresponding dance style. Adults are permitted to wear form fitting, modest athletic wear. Please refer to the Renovate Dance Dress Code for a listing of specific dance attire for each class. Also, ALL dancers must wear street clothes over their dance attire while walking to and from the building. Dance footwear should only be worn inside the studio and never as street shoes.

Where can I buy dance attire?

We recommend a local shoe store, Kern Brothers in Zionsville, for ballet slippers, jazz and tap shoes. Kern Brothers often has a small selection of basic dance attire as well. If you want one store that has everything, we recommend Kinney Dancewear. If you would like to save a little on footwear and leotards, you will find gently-used items at Once Upon a Child (OUAC), please note OUAC does not have ballet tights, please be sure to buy light pink ballet tights if they are required for your class...not thin nylons or regular tights.

We will also have our FREE used-ballet slipper bin available at our Pre-Registration Open Houses for families to take a pair for FREE that will fit their child or for families to drop off outgrown pairs to pass along.


When are the important dates for the 2018-19 year?

Fall 2018 Semester - TBD