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Class Descriptions

Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

Students explore dance using their imagination as we introduce basic simple ballet steps and terminology through fun and creative movement. In this class we look to see development of motor skills, musicality, spatial awareness, and most importantly a love of moving! Class attire: black leotard, light pink footed tights and pink leather ballet slippers. Hair secured up and off the face and neck.

Intro to Ballet/Broadway (ages 6-7)

Ballet Broadway is offered to students as a fun introduction to Ballet.  Students will learn the terminology and steps used in ballet while also learning broadway choreography to perform at the end of the semester presentation.  Class attire: black leotard, light pink footed tights, pink leather ballet slippers. Hair secured up and off the face and neck.

Classical Ballet (ages 8+)

Ballet is the technical backbone to the world of dance.  The true study of classical ballet begins at age 8 at Renovate Dance. We encourage our students who want to advance in their dance training to progress through our classical primary ballet division. We offer two divisions of ballet: Primary Ballet and Ballet Technique.


Primary Ballet classes start at age 8, follow a Vagonova based syllabus and require dedicated students to take classes in a progressional order. Primary Ballet builds upon steps and terminology learned from September to April, therefore Primary Ballet classes are intended as a yearly commitment. Primary Ballet classes are designed to prepare ballet students for on-stage performing opportunities as we transition to adding ballet performances to our studio repertoire.  Class attire: black leotard, light pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet slippers. Hair and bangs secured in a bun.


Ballet Technique is offered to our students who want the strength and technique ballet provides, however this class does not follow a progressional order and is ideal for students who have sporting or other commitments outside of the studio. Class attire: black leotard, optional black dance shorts/leggings, light pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet slippers. Hair up and off the neck and face.  Note - Ballet Technique is only offered in the rotation of the Technique and Combo class on our fall 2017 schedule, not currently as a stand alone class.

Combo I  (ages 8+)

Combination I is an introduction to several styles of dance. Our 14-week semester will rotate between jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles of dance. This class is designed for students who want to explore dance but are not interested in taking ballet classes. This class is also an excellent opportunity for our primary ballet dancers to add additional styles of dance to their classical ballet training. Class attire: black leotard, black jazz pant/legging, and black jazz shoe.  Hair secured up and off the face and neck.

Technique and Combo (12+)

This combination class will rotate through Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet Technique during the 14 week semester. Class attire: black leotard, black fitted legging, and pink leather ballet slippers. Hair secured up and off the face and neck.

Boys Hip Hop (ages 7+) 

This is a special class set aside for boys who love to move and dance, but may not have much formal training. This class is great for learning technical footwork, which brings an awareness of placement and agility that can be carried over into many different sports and activities.  It will be a high-energy environment where teamwork and collaboration are integrated throughout the week. Class attire: plain t-shirt, long athletic shorts, sneakers or jazz shoes.

Adult Beginner Tap

We will use this time to learn the fundamentals of tap dance in a fun and supportive environment! Class attire: tap shoes, modest fitted athletic wear or any color leotard with black fitted leggings. Hair secured up and off the face and neck.

Worship Wednesdays

Worship Wednesday is an optional FREE class open to current students only (age 5 yrs and above). This is a focused time, once a month, for our students to come together to move and dance for Jesus. We will not teach technique, but will rather guide students through worshipful movement during a focused time of worship dance together.

NOTE - We promote students, who are ready for the next level, at the conclusion of our spring semester. Occasionally students will be promoted during the year at the discretion of the Renovate teaching staff.


Our classes build on technique from August to April, with registration broken down into a fall semester (Aug-Dec) and spring semester (Jan-April). We do not charge an enrollment fee.

Pre-Registration tuition is $115 per 14-week semester class if paying by check or $120 per 14-week semester class if paying by credit card. Click here for Pre-Registration Open House dates/times/location.

Online Registration tuition is $140 per 14-week semester class, credit card is the only form of payment accepted at Online Registration.

Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition is due in full at the time of registration. Please make checks payable to Renovate Dance Indy. $15 penalty + bank charges for returned checks. 

Important Dates:

"Save Your Spot" Spring 2018 Registration - Week of October 30
Spring 2018 Pre-Registration Open Houses - Week of November 6
Thanksgiving Break – November 22-24 (NO CLASSES)
Parent Watch Week – December 11-15
Classes End - December 15
Nursing Home Outreach – December 16
Spring 2018 Classes Start - January 11
Spring Break - April 1-8 (NO CLASSES)
Presentation Day / Spring Ballet - April 14
Spring 2018 Class End - April 17